RLH Studio is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm that melds classic, sophisticated and modern elements to create interiors that are comfortable and livable, while being timelessly beautiful.

Our projects range from updating a single room to designing new home construction to creating stunning designs for multi-unit residences. The team’s work reflects our modern age and incorporates a classic sense of design and history to create inviting and comfortable interiors.




Paint, Wallcovering, Flooring, Tile, Plumbing, Hardware, Countertops, Appliances


Custom Furniture, Window Treatments, Lighting, Artwork, Accessories





It is a privilege to be invited into our clients’ homes and entrusted with the task of transforming their spaces. Because each project is tailored to the individual needs of our clients, we like to kick off with conversation and discovery. We gather any existing inspiration photos, outline key goals for the project, and ask the important questions: How do you live? How would you describe your aesthetic? What is your budget? We want to understand both your wishes and limitations, so that we can most effectively meet your needs.



After the initial conversations, we’re full speed ahead into design development. We source an initial set of material backgrounds to help set the tone; then, continue to flush it out and reselect until our client loves every finish. We delve deep into space planning to ensure we address our clients’ exact needs and requirements, presenting detailed architectural elevations to help nail down the sense of space. And through all of this, we’re coordinating project timelines and material schedules with your builder, managing the nitty gritty details so that you can simply focus on enjoying the process.


After the backgrounds are established, we’re onto the furnishings. We discuss and evaluate initial furniture layouts and weigh various options to make sure the space will perform well. Oftentimes, we’re able to bring clients to furniture showrooms to experience different pieces of furniture and select the best fit. We review rugs, furniture, lighting, and accessories, working with the client to determine what is best to outfit their space. We adjust the design programming and selections as needed to stay in budget, and we discuss our customizing capabilities so that we can always deliver that perfect piece.


Once we have signoff from the client, we present them a formalized proposal with a requested deposit so that we may get the furniture orders rolling. From there, our team sends out bi-monthly order status reports to maintain communication on lead times and expected delivery dates. Our receiving warehouse is on hand to receive, inspect, and remedy any potential issues that arise. We also visit to thoroughly inspect all furniture and fixtures to ensure they meet our standards. When all furniture has been received, we set up and oversee the installation and positioning of all components on site. We’re also on hand to help curate accessories and meld any existing items with those newly-delivered. It’s these personal touches that help pull the home together, as well as round out a productive and fulfilling design project.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your interior design needs. 
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