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RLH is a company that combines incredible design leadership and expertise, with heart. They have a knack for understanding the key motivators of their clients, and creating spaces that support meaningful living. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with RLH on several Waters Senior Living projects. I’ve witnessed first hand their commitment to fresh, engaging, warm, and personal spaces we’d all be so lucky to live in. They are changing expectations for how we enjoy our senior living, helping us realize new ways to learn, connect, and grow, celebrating every age relevant, and vibrant.
— Marcy Russ; Owner, Blended Blue
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Each project we’ve worked on with RLH Studio has been smooth, organized, and fun! The team is serious about the work in front of them and at the same time, they make the process enjoyable for the client. Ideas are fresh, positivity abounds, coffee runs freely, and empty spaces become living places.
— Steven Cabinets
We love working with RLH Studio. Renée and her team are clearly passionate about their work, and the results show. Renée is warm and friendly, and obviously cares deeply about her work. We highly recommend RLH Studio.
— Hage Homes
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RLH Studio has done three rooms (living room/dining room and master bedroom suite) for us and is now doing two bathrooms. We have been very pleased with the design and implementation of our projects. Renee listens with her ears and her eyes as we describe what we want and what we need. She seems to hear our soul and returns with design recommendations that are spot on - beautiful, showcase the home and setting, and yet respect our budget and how we will use the rooms. We are so happy that we found Renee and her staff (terrific, by the way). We also love her billing - base price for items and hourly for staff time; we know that if we use their time for needless running around, we will pay for it. Seems fair to us.
— Client, Long Lake Home Renovation
Impeccable taste abounds at RLH Studio. Their projects are a mix of creative solutions and exquisite decorative selections. If you are looking for a lovely interior delivered in a classic and top quality fashion with a pop of uniqueness, I would highly recommend RLH Studio. I have collaborated with Renee Hallberg on a number of custom rug projects and her eye for exceptional design is always keen.
— Julie Dasher Rugs
From her award-winning work, to her tireless stewardship of the design community, Renee LeJeune Hallberg is a Twin Cities design icon. We are so pleased to call her a colleague and friend. Cheers to another year of beauty!
— Martha O'Hara Interiors
Final summary of your work with us on our condo: fantastic. We love it. We had our neighbors over for a building get-together two weeks ago and they all loved it. We couldn’t be happier.